3 reasons to participate

Premium working conditions for maximum efficiency
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Expand your business with new distribution channels and business sectors: supermarkets, specialists (fans and toys), e-commerce, garden centres, sports, home furnishings and decoration, etc.
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Talk to your retail customers in a privileged setting, with meetings arranged in advance via a dedicated platform.
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Keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in your market.

A 1-To-1 appointment format in private showrooms

The 7th floor of the Hotel Barrière Le Royal fully privatised for 5 days
An effective and proven "Preshow" format:
  • A unique format of ultra-qualified appointments made in advance and in complete confidentiality.
  • The rooms are transformed into showrooms of 20 sqm to showcase your collections.
  • Buyers and suppliers are housed in the same  hotels, providing the best possible conditions for networking: cocktails, lunches, coffee breaks, etc.

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