The concept

The Preshow Noël Jouets & Jeux is characterised by business meetings based on a specific concept: an event on a human scale that favours quality and personal contact.

For 5 days, manufacturers and buyers in mass and specialist retailing meet in Deauville in display areas, set up in the rooms of the Hotel Royal Barrière, of the Villa Le Cercle and of the C.I.D.

Thanks to this unique concept, you can :

  • Pre-Scheduled appointments

From the time your registration is accepted, you have to log in to access our exhibitor and accredited buyers’ directories in order to arrange meetings during the Preshow. That way, your appointment schedule will be planned before the event even begins.

  • Networking time

As it is an essential part of business development, we pay special attention to provide entertaining and memorable social activities as well as time for informal business networking.
The buyers from the major centralized buying groups are taken in charge the moment they arrive (under conditions): hotel room accommodation, breakfasts and lunches. Manufacturers can benefit from accommodation in the same hotels. Lunches are eaten together in a convivial atmosphere. Along with the cocktail evening on Monday and every breakfast, these are all perfect opportunities to develop a stronger, closer relationship with the buyers.

Product areas

1st age & preschool

  • Bath toys
  • Childcare
  • Preschool dolls and companions
  • Furniture and decoration
  • Nightlights, storytellers and spotlights
  • Playpens and cradle toys
  • Preschool figures and playsets
  • Preschool vehicles
  • Stacking and nesting toys
  • Toys for infants < 12 months


  • Books, Comics, Manga

Electronics & Robotics

  • Electronic games and toys
  • High-tech and connected toys
  • Interactive companions
  • Robots 
  • Sound, light and image accessories

Celebrations & birthdays

  • Accessories and kits for games and tables
  • Cotillions   Birthday decoration
  • Fireworks display
  • Party and Christmas decorations
  • Children's costumes and accessories
  • Kidults costumes and accessories, cosplay
  • Magic

Action figures & accessories

  • Action figures, vehicles and playsets
  • Collectible figurines
  • Mini-figurines, mini-universes and collectables
  • Impulse and playground toys
  • Role-playing toys and accessories
  • Tops, fighting toys

Gaming & Pop culture

  • Other licensed products and accessories (video games, textiles & accessories, tableware, leather goods, decorative items, goodies, etc.)

Exploration games & other toys

  • Image, music & sound for kids/kidults
  • Musical instruments
  • Educational games and kits
  • Scientific games and kits
  • Musical instruments

Board games & Puzzles

  • 3D puzzles
  • Card games
  • Family games
  • Games > 18 years, ultra-spé and puzzle
  • Mood games for teens and adults
  • Investigation and/or escape games
  • Kids/action games
  • Kidults games
  • Playing and collecting cards for kids and kidults
  • Puzzles under 500 pieces
  • Puzzles over 500 pieces

Construction toys

  • Kidults construction games
  • Models and model making
  • Construction games for kids
  • Preschool construction sets

Outdoor & sports toys

  • Balls and balloons
  • Inflatables (pools, buoys, armbands)
  • Garden structures (houses, furniture, trampolines and slides)
  • Shooting games
  • Sports toys and accessories 
  • Water and sand toys
  • Wheeled toys (bikes, go-karts, draisies, carriers, scooters, skates and skids)

Creative hobbies

  • Beads and bead creations
  • Drawing, painting and accessories
  • Cosmetics design
  • Fashion design
  • Imitation toys (DIY, cooking, etc.)
  • Modelling clay, sticky dough
  • Back to school (stationery, leather goods, etc.)
  • Jewellery design

Urban mobility

  • Skates, overboards, scooters


  • Stationery & miscellaneous accessories

Cuddly toys

  • Plush accessories (bags, key rings, etc.)
  • Soft toys for babies
  • Puppets
  • Cuddly toys with functions
  • Classic cuddly toys
  • Plush toys for teens and adults


  • Collectible dolls
  • Accessories for dolls (houses, prams, dinettes, etc.)
  • Functional dolls and poupons
  • Classic dolls and poupons
  • Dummy dolls and accessories
  • Fabric and rag dolls
  • Mini-dolls, mini-universes and collectables


  • Energy-free miniature vehicles
  • Environments, circuits, garages and tracks
  • Remote-controlled vehicles for kids
  • Remote-controlled vehicles for kidults