Why Exhibit?

Participating in the Preshow allows you to benefit from:

A tailor-made event suited to your needs

  • A room individually decorated, furnished exhibition areas
  • An upmarket venue where you can develop a friendly, relaxed relationship with your customers.
  • Simplified logistics and a dedicated team to ensure you make the most of your time (quick set up).

 One-on-one meetings

  • Organisation of your appointments with the buyers in advance
  • Privileged moments to create new contacts and get the attention of buyers. For 5 days, you eat together and socialize in a relaxed business event.

 An “invitation only” event

  • A favored return on investment to create new contacts: extensive visitor selection and verification process.
  • Guaranteed meeting with the buyers for presenting a preview of your products.

For 5 days, meet the main buyers in general and specialist retailing, take stock of the past season with them and put together the future seasons.


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