Hoppi Dino – bouncing buddy


The quiz where children and parents play together on an equal footing!
Each card contains ten possible answers. On your turn, answer a question. If you got it right, you get a token and can keep answering on your next turn. But go for an incorrect answer and you are out of this round, with no points for your tokens. Decide when to pass and when to play – and be the first player or team to reach 30 points and win! Various themes and questions accessible to children aged 8 and over. The more you play, the more you learn!
Smart10 Family is easy to take with you. The full package has 200 questions and answers, score counter and answer marks. That’s all you need! The game is conveniently sized, easy to store, and take wherever you go!
In solo or team mode, parents and children challenge and team up to reach victory!