16-20 November 2020 Hôtel Barrière Le Royal & C.I.D - Deauville

Who is visiting?

Numerous and qualified visitors

From 198 visitors in 2011, 260 in 2014 and more than 310 in 2018, it is an exponential rise reflecting the growing success of the event.

In order to make the best of the appointments, a drastic recruitment is set up:

  • Appointments with the main retail buying groups,
  • Prospection by e-mailing to the buying decision-makers,
  • Tight selection by the organizer of the visitors asking for accreditation.

The main buyers of the market come to the Preshow: year after year, our event became the most important rendez-vous of the game & toy market.

Visitors’ profile 2018

87% of the 2018 visitors were purchasing decision-makers.