16-20 November 2020 Hôtel Barrière Le Royal & C.I.D - Deauville

Opening of the technical part of your exhibitor platform

Dear Exhibitor,

We are pleased to inform you that the technical part of your online exhibitor platform is currently open, that is the green coloured part at the bottom of the platform.

This exhibitor platform is dedicated to simplifying our exchanges while helping you in the preparation of your booth at the Preshow de Noel. You will find :
information to download (exhibitor guide, booth plan, etc)
forms to download and send back to us by email (eg. order forms)
forms to complete and validate directly online.

The entire technical team will be, as usual, always available to help you and accompany you during the preparing of the Preshow, and onsite. Successful preparation is done jointly with our exhibitors, and requires your involvement on key issues regarding the preparation

Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you require any information which is not available on your platform,
Best regards,
The technical team of Preshow.